Brands We Represent

Our broad portfolio of products encompasses the most respected global leading brands as well as our own brands. Below is a summary overview of these brands and links to more information on the product ranges.


Petrifilm, quick swabs, sterilisation, hand wash products
Scale & Balance range includes Platform and Counting Scales, Scientific Balances, Viscometers, Moisture Analysers and Dynamic Weighing Systems
Fine organic chemicals including deuterated compounds; dyes and stains; monomers; chiral compounds; and organometallics for use in organic synthesis, drug discovery polymer science, and other applications
Microfluidics systems for chemistry and biochemistry applications
Controlled Environment Chambers
Hand held NIR analysers
NATA Traceable Test Gases
Quality reagents, solvents and acids
Soil sampling equipment including soil Augers, soil core samplers, soil probes, soil gas sampling, agricultural sampling and portable mechanical augers.
Universal data logger with choice of zigbee, wireless, GPRS communication.
Field analysis of drinking water, waste water and process water. A range of multi parameter probes are available including; pH, conductivity, TDS, Temperature, Resistivity& Salinity.
Sterilisation cleaning brushes, instrument tip protectors, locking tags and identification tape / Operating Room suture aid booties, clamp covers, vessel loops, anti-fog solutions and cautery tip cleaners.
Injection technology for gas chromatography
Weathering & Stability Measurement Equipment
Reusable laboratory plastic ware
Bambach Saddle Seat
Lead protective glasses
A range of instruments for measuring and monitoring algae
Portable, Benchtop & Process Refractometers
Ultrasound tables, chairs and accessories and MRI accessories.
Hydrogen peroxide decontamination equipment and services
Agro - diagnostic kits
Amperometric & Colorimetric monitoring of Chlorine.
Liquid handling, laboratory equipment, optical instruments, laboratory glassware, laboratory plasticware, density/temperature/time measurement
Alcohol and chlorhexidine swabs, alcohol towelettes, cools & dries towelettes, sodium chloride and sterile water
Urine QC for AS3408 DAU devices
Whole blood DOA ELISA assays
Pharmacopoeia standards
Materials preparation equipment and consumables
40cc and 80cc sterile mucus specimen traps, Standard skin staple removers - sterile
Portable & Fixed Gas Detection for Environmental, Confined Space, Petrochemical and Military applications.
a PerkinElmer Company
In vivo imaging of small animals (Bioluminescence, Fluorescence, X-ray, uCT)
Portable dosimeters, noise and stress monitors
The world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum insulated products and cryogenic storage systems
Workflow packages, robotic platforms and tools, reactors and vessels, racks, vials
Veni-gard, gastrostomy tubes and devices, NG and feeding tubes and systems
Ovens, C02 incubators, incubators
Plant Growth Chambers
Medical devices focused on the enteral feeding, including gastrostomy feeding tubes, gastric relief devices and enteral feeding safety devices
Magnetic instrument drapes, magnetic needle finders, surgical markers, needle counters, tube holders and patient positioning products.
Colitag - rapid detection of total Coliforms & E .Coli
Portable multi channel real time FFT analyser
Chiral HPLC Columns
General Purpose data acquisition, logging, telemetry and processing.
Coating Thickness Gauges, Dew Point Meters
Cleaning products
High quality in vitro diagnostic reagents and vaccines
Scalpel holders, needle counters, suction liners and accessories, fluid safety, light handle covers and surgical markers.
Supplier of specialty biochemistry reagents
Genomics, proteomics, nanolitre liquid handling systems
(Thermo Scientific Dionex)
Chromatography Instruments and Consumables including instruments, replacement parts columns. The range covers sample preparation through to analysis.
Gel documentation (gel doc) systems and analysis equipment for the life science research
Amperometric monitoring and dosing of Chlorine.
Bed pans, bowl surgical, dressing trays, kidney dish, injection trays, instrument trays, medicine measures and soak trays
Food safety products
Combustion Gas Analysers, Emissions Analysers, Indoor Air Quality, and Calibration equipment especially designed for the power, process, industrial, institutional, food, and HVAC markets.
Water purification systems
Food Allergen test kits
Test Sieves & Sieve Shaking Equipment
Groundwater monitoring bore supplies, groundwater sampling consumables, soil sampling consumables, Bore castings, Bore caps, Direct Push tooling, Aqua Twin Tube for ground water sampling.
Centrifugation, photometry, PCR, pipettes, dispensers, tips/ tubes, plates, temperature control and mixing, vacuum concentration.
Microscope slides, cover slips
Portable and benchtop hardness testers
Pharmacopoeia standards
Bench top & portable devices and their supporting products for field & laboratory measurement and data logging of a range of parameters including;
pH meters, ORP meters, TDS/conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters,temperature, resistivity, turbidity, salinity and more.
Positioning grid for CT biopsies and drainage procedures.
Range of products for protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis, PCR, purification of proteins and nucleic acids, cell culture, enzyme assays, cell biology and protein chemistry
Laboratory chemicals, solvents, reagents, salts, acids & standards 
General laboratory equipment and laboratory bottles
Pathology stains and solvents for histology, haematology, microbiology and cytology
Roatational Viscometers and Rheometers
Sialography sets, biopsy needles and accessories, TR biopsy system, TZ spring-loaded biopsy system and speed-cut biopsy system.
Toxic Gas Detection Tubes & Pumps
Whatman filter paper, blotting membranes & related apparatus and consumables, HPLC media, chromatography reagents, nucleic acid sample preparation and storage (FTA cards), protein microarrays

Encompasses brands like Druck, Panametrics, General Eastern, Novasensor, Telaire, Rheonik, Protimeter with products for Pressure, Level, Flow, Moisture, Gas, OEM Pressure, Portable Calibrators, Laboratory Calibration Standards
Instruments for sample preparation, sample handling and sample identification
Portable and fixed landfill & Coal Seam gas analysers, N2O monitoring, methane monitoring.
Scientific glassware
On-line measurement and data logging of conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH
HPLC Columns and FLASH chromatography cartridges
Graduated and volumetric glassware, bottle top dispensers
Comprehensive range of FT-IR accessories and sample preparation presses for spectroscopic sampling
Bench top & portable devices and their supporting products for field & laboratory measurement and data logging of a range of parameters including; dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, TDS, temperature, resistivity, turbidity, salinity and more.
Sound analysis/optimization, Vibration meas ,communication
Groundwater monitoring instrumentation for level, oil-in-water and data logging.
Portable & Fixed Gas Detection for Environmental, Confined Space, Petrochemical and Military applications.
Transportable & Fixed Odour Monitors
Catalytic Point Combustible, Toxic, Infrared Point & Open Path Hydrocarbon Gas Detection, PID Point VOC Gas Monitors 
Rapid antibiotic residue screening in dairy products & automation for screening
IKA has innovative magnetic stirrers, mixers, overhead stirrers, shakers, homogenizers, mills, rotary evaporators, calorimeters, laboratory reactors and specially developed software for laboratory and analysis applications.
Water level monitoring equipment with measurement including pH, mV, Conductivity, Turbidity, TDS, Temperature, Resistivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen.
Dental accessories and consumables.
IST offers a full line of instruments from low cost shock detectors and shock & vibration loggers to full-featured shock & vibration waveform recorders and high speed/large memory units for demanding airborne measurements.
Military grade Hydrophones
Microbiology automation - colony counters , blenders , spiral plate counters , dilutors , stainers and air samplers
Portable Mercury Analysers
X-ray grids.
Scalpel blades, standard scalpels and safety retractable scalpels.
Laboratory glassware
General laboratory and specialty glassware
Homogenisers in a range of sizes/capabilities
Cassetttes, cassette holders, film sliders, x-ray film, dental film, duplicating film, chemistry and printer paper.
Colour measurement Equipment, Light & Gloss Meters
Laboratory glassware, plastic ware, environmental swabs, general laboratory supplies, hand held pipettes, tips, bottle top dispensers and filtration products
General laboratory equipment
Manufactured plastic ware and contract moulding
Laboratory chemicals
Chromatography consumables including vials, septa and closures.
TOC/COD/BOD/TOD/TN/TP in Drinking Water, Wastewater, Industrial and Pharmaceutical
Sound Level Meters and Calibrators
Data Acquisition, Data Recorders, Dynamic Signal Analysers
Bench top & portable devices and their supporting products for field & laboratory measurement and data logging of a range of parameters including; dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, TDS, temperature resistivity, turbidity, salinity and more.
Calibration accessories, multi-tube conditioning/dry purge equipment, air sampling pumps, sequential tube samplers
Pressure infuser bags.
Organic building blocks
Certified Beacons, Sounders, Speakers & Status Lights
Transport swabs, dry swabs, liquid culture transport swabs, viral swabs with medium, environmental monitoring swabs
Canvas bag, gel paks, instant ice, instant heat, multifuctional and specialty paks.
X-ray viewers, darkroom accessories, magnifiers and QA equipment.
DC Accelerometers, 6DOF Inertial Measurement Units, Wireless Network Systems, Wireless Sensors, Inertial Systems, Environmental Monitoring
Message labels, CSSD labels, Pathology labels, IV labels, anaesthetic labels, drug labels, custom designed labels, instrument polytags, label dispensers and guns, electric and manual adjustable ergonomic workstations and associated accessories.
Scientific and surgical Instruments
Partical Velocity measurement
Sample extraction, filtration, preparation & blotting membranes
Ovens and incubators
ART barrier tips, Automation tips for all major brands of robotic platform, Rnase, DNase decontamination products and Electroporation cuvettes.
Liquid-Level Sensors
Linear-Position Sensors
Whirl-pak bags, laboratory sampling
Mycotoxin diagnostic kits, hygiene monitoring, GMO, pesticide and drug residue kits
Instruments for cell based assays
Wet Wipes for surface care, skin antiseptics, hand hygiene and patient care
Hand held XRF analysers
Precision Water activity and Humidity measurement
Reagents used in the Industrial water testing industry
Coal Mine Certified Portable Multi-Gas Monitors and Portable Odour Monitors & Loggers
Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits- silica adsorption, solution based isolation, gel filtration to magnetic beads capture.
Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems, Vertical Electrophoresis Systems, Sequencing Systems & Blotters, Laboratory Accessories
Filtration, separation, and purification products
Ultrasound gels and gel pads, probe covers, cleaning solutions, electrode gels, creams and sprays, electrolyte gels, creams and pastes, lubricating and gels.
Precision Pressure Transducers, Transmitters, Barometers
A range of pre-moistened wipes for infection control and patient care, adhesive tape remover, benzoin, hygea lemon & glycerine, lubricating jelly, nail polish remover and PVP iodine.
Complete Solution Toolset For Non-Invasive, In Vivo Imaging.
Bowel preparations
Acrylic desiccators & laboratory CO2 chambers
Circulating baths, chillers, circulators, heat exchangers
Liquid Handling, Volumetric Glassware, Syringes
Storage cabinets, showers and signs
Range of gloves, surgical drapes, hard surface wipes, personal protective apparel, facemasks and patient care, single use instruments, suction tubing, suction cannulas.
Air-powered groundwater sampling bladder pumps, groundwater remediation pumps, landfill leachate and methane condensate extraction pneumatic pumps, low profile air-strippers
Portable PID Monitors for VOCs and Portable & Fixed Gas Detection
Bench-top laboratory equipment, shakers & stirrers
Laboratory cleaning detergents designed mainly for water-based cleaning processes involving glassware and laboratory equipment.
Portable and On-Line measurement of UV percentage transmittance for monitoring UV disinfection and filtration processes.
Soil and groundwater remediation technologies
Buffers and solutions
Laboratory glassware, apparatus & surgical instrumentation
Disposable, plastic bio transport systems/ transfer pipettes
Research antibodies, siRNA
Weighing & moisture analysers
Polarimeters and refractometers
Laboratory glassware
Supplier of colourimetric Copper and Zinc reagents
Equipment for genomic and genetic analysis
Stomacher laboratory blenders , accessories and consumables
Chromatography consumable products
Signos RT Personal Ultrasound, the world’s most affordable, simple to use, palm-sized ultrasound instrument.
Automated chemistry analysers
Portable Dust Sample Pumps & Sampling Media
Groundwater monitoring instrumentation for level, oil-in-water and data logging.
Cable brace, adaptive support cushions set, ergonomic chairs, writ support braces, kits for sonographers
Sharpak sharps disposal systems.
Cuvettes, including glass & quartz
Chromatography vials
pH and conductivity meters/controllers
High quality laboratory chemicals for Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Bioscience, Glycoscience, Analytical Science. Also, Custom Synthesis and Bulk Chemicals are available.
Microbiological consumables including culture swabs, loops, spreaders, needles, pipettes, etc
Level measurement, tank gauging, flow measurement, pressure measurement, analysers, analytical sample system components, gas generators
Disposable syringes and needles
Wireless temperature monitoring
Vibration, pressure and microphone calibration systems
 Air quality monitors including FID/PID monitors for remediation, real time particulate monitoring, FID/PID monitors for remediation and environmental enclosures
Thermo Scientific –
Analytical Instrumentation
Full range of instrumentation with focus to Anatomical Pathology applications, Chromatography (LC, GC), Mass Spectrometry (GCMS, LCMS, single quadrupole, triple quadrupole, ion traps, Orbitrap, high resolution MS, IOMS, ICPMS, IRMS, FTMS, process MS) , Molecular Spectroscopy (FTIR, Raman, NIR, UV-Vis, fluorescence), Elemental Spectroscopy (AA, ICP, XRF, XRD, Arc/spark, elemental analysers); range of equipment for electrophoresis (Owl), centrifugation (Heraeus, Sorvall), cold storage (Revco, Forma), biosafety cabinets (Heraeus), incubation (Forma, Heraeus), sample preparation (Savant) and low volume UV/VIS spectroscopy (Nanodrop), microplate readers and washers, magnetic bead purification systems (Kingfisher), automated liquid handling platforms (Matrix), waterbaths (Haake)
On-line measurement and data logging of conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH and more
Thermo Scientific –
Laboratory supplies
Laboratory plastic ware and packaging products (Nalgene) cell culture, immunology and cryogenic preservation consumables for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and academia and research labs (Nunc), pipette tips and PCR products (Finntip, MBP, ART tips), pipette tips and tubes (QSP); hand held pipetting (Finnpipette) automated pipetting and sample storage and assay systems (Matrix); complete range of chromatography consumables including vials, GC columns, HPLC columns and accessories (including La-Pha-Pack)
Thermo Scientific -            
Life Science Media and Reagents
Full range of cell culture media, supplements and sera, single-use technologies in bioreactors, mixers and bioprocess containers, antibodies and other tools for protein extraction, purification, modification and detection (Pierce), molecular biology reagents, PCR reagents, QPCR, microplates, electrophoresis, plastic consumables (ABgene)
Bench top & portable devices and their supporting products for field & laboratory measurement and data logging of a range of parameters including; dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, TDS, temperature, resistivity, turbidity, salinity and more.
Dehydrated culture media, prepared media, susceptibility discs, diagnostic discs, selective supplements, blood products, stains, organism identification kits, MIC evaluators, diagnostic wet latex, EIA test kits, lateral flow test kits, antisera, food pathogen testing
Thermo Scientific –
Process Sensors
Flow computers
High quality microbiology laboratory products, including dehydrated and prepared culture media, collection and transport systems, diagnostic and rapid direct specimen tests
Tissue culture plasticware
pH, mV, Conductivity, Turbidity, TDS, Temperature, Resistivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen. Built-in GPS with export to Google Maps.
On-line measurement and data logging of COD, TOC, nitrates, nitrite, humic acids, oils and other chemicals.
Chromatography & fluid transfer components, tubing and fittings
Pharmacopeia standards
Paper towel products
Strain Gauges, Transducer-Class Gauges, Instruments & more
Volumetric glassware
Filter papers, membranes, disposable filtration devices, technology for capturing, archiving and purifying DNA at room temperature
Steriking brand of products including laminate packaging for all sterilisation methods, sterilisation markers, tray liners, dust cover bags, sterilisation wrap, sterilisation tape, chemical indicators, Bowie & Dick test packs, Helix challenge test and heat sealers.
Laboratory analysis of drinking water, waste water and process water. Over 240 water quality parameters available. Including; COD, Ammonia, Aluminium, Cadmium, Chlorine, Copper, Iron, Nickel, Nitrate, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulphate, Volatile Acids.


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